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Nacekoro Real Estate (Hussein's Real Estate) is the only 100% indigenous Fijian citizen owned licensed realty company in Savusavu Fiji. The owner has been in business for more than 30 years. For both, buyers and sellers, there are obvious advantages in dealing with a "real local." Virtually all of the land offered for sale in the area and all that might be potentially offered, is known by the management of Fiji Freehold.

The service we can perform is second-to-none when it comes to locating that perfect setting, home, or land parcel anyone might have in mind. Hussein's references are impeccable and until this advertising website, word of mouth was the primary source of business.

If you are considering moving to the tropical south pacific, Fiji might just be that ultimate choice and final resting place, particularly Savusavu. There is a growing ex-pat community in Savusavu. Lovely folks like you from all over the world are finding out about this remarkable country and area within. Fiji has "freehold" and that means YOU own it and the Fiji freehold laws are very absolute on that and tax-free.

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Nacekoro Real Estate - L/N: 0014

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