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We found it! Now we share it. Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga.

This website is the creation of people dedicated to revealing the pearl of the South Pacific; the Kingdom of Tonga. More specifically, the Vava'u Island Group of this benevolent Kingdom, a remarkable job ever so well done by nature and at what must have cost trillions by today's monetary valuations, and nature did it even before money was invented.

Speaking of $; Vava'u Tonga's people have flourished for a couple thousand years and most of that time, without any money. Vava'u is a place in the world where money comes second, even last maybe. When you show up with just a little you will be wealthy for rich you befall when you settle your bare feet in the powdered white sands that are so typical of these islands made in Heaven.

Robert(70)celebrating the 13th anniversary of taking care of business allows people without movie star finances to live like the Stars do and under the same stars, with the same seas and same sands. Why pay millions for what can be had for meager sums? In this site you will find the epitome of what nature is capable of in South Pacific living and it is affordable. Freedom abounds in this land where for centuries people lived beyond the reach of those obsessed with controlling mankind.

Vava'u was an international secret until the Bryce family discovered Vava'u in 1984 on a sailing adventure in the South Pacific. Since 2001 we have been officially sharing our findings with those who are searching, like us, for whiter sands and brighter living.

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