10 things to do in Savusavu Town Fiji

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Certainly there are more, but these are the easiest and least expensive attractions to manage, and most on your own. Let’s get started.

10 things to do in Savusavu Town Fiji South Pacific

Entering nature’s private gallery of some of her best work, the Savusavu experience begins with the landing at the bush style airport. The cows and horses are kept off the runway with fences. That’s the first sign the place is not overcrowded yet civilized and a safe place to visit. The flight in over sea, islands and real mountains will render a preview of why this hideaway got discovered. Savusavu is still referred to as the “Hidden Paradise” but finding a parking space on any Saturday will dispel the notion of hidden. Yes, it is out in the open now but with limited access since it is not on the largest and most visited island, the main island of Viti Levu where all the international airports are. Like all good things, you have to work a little to get to it.

The Savusavu area is undefined in terms of actual land boundaries so it encompasses quite a spread of land on this southern section of the 100 mile long island of Vanua Levu. There are a number of resorts, some open to non-guests to enjoy their exquisite meals and upscale bars. Dining over the ocean in town or at one of the resorts is a treat that makes for good conversation at the table and recounting when you get home. Warning, sunset dining is a big distraction from the meal.

Yachts from around the world congregate in Savusavu and everyone is invited to the Yacht Club to join for less than $20 and enjoy the privileges. Consorting with the yachties makes for interesting entertainment, particularly when it comes to wild sea stories. Waterfront is the scene and the views are relentlessly inspiring so we actually look forward to a cloudy day for a break in perpetual stimulation.

There is so much to see and do. When you are headed over the hill to your accommodation, ask the driver about the 10 things we listed below that are just part of the attraction to the Savusavu area.

1. Waterfalls in the jungle are a sight to behold, hurling their thundering tonnage of energy in motion off the cliffs above, sending a cool spray of ultra clean watery mist over all nearby. In the sun rainbows seem to be dancing together. There are a number of waterfalls, each with their own personality and all are said to be a gift from the water god. Ask your guide for a ride and they will show you with pride.

2. “Thar she blows” is an old whaler’s call at the sight of that steamy mist from the whale’s breath on the top of their head. The blow holes on the reefs at the Namale area would make a whale envious. Some of these blow holes can shoot water fountains meters into the air. The phenomenon is the result of waves crashing under the reefs at a certain tide level compressing and pushing water up from under through holes in the reefs.

3. Hot Springs are here and there in the Savusavu area but the most popular are near the Hot Springs Hotel where you may find locals actually cooking their corn and other food there. Free hot water and boiling hot and always flowing.

4. The Blue Lagoon is actually blue when the sun is watching over it. All around are kilometres of beach at low tide with that huge blue tide pool in the middle, inviting swimmers at any tide. At the higher tides there are snorkelling areas near the reefs. The picnic areas are plentiful and weekends tend to be the most popular time for the locals to enjoy their own country as make-believe tourists. The locals are friendly and inviting to all visitors and tourists, which just adds to the enjoyment and relaxing comfort ever so island style. Want to have the place to yourself, come out on Monday – Thursday.

5. If you are into beach combing, we have 3 kilometres of “Long Beach” which starts before the Fijian Village of Nukubalavu, which means long sand beach in Fijian. Just down the beach a ways you will note a small village of tiny homes forming where shipping containers have been creatively converted into very comfortable small homes. The beach scene and low-cost yet luxurious living attracts folks looking for a way to live like in the movies on the white sand beach in the jungle for only a couple hundred per month.

6. Kayaking, boating and fishing are at the finest in the many bays and harbours around Savusavu. You can charter a boat for fishing at the main harbour of Savusavu or now in the largest natural bay in the southern hemisphere you can now go big game fishing and we hear the fishing is superb.

7. Reef walkingis always fun for all ages and not just kids. You always see something new to see in the sea.

8. Saturday is kids sailing club day in the Savusavu Bay. You can sit at the yacht club and watch kids of all ages in small sailboats skitter around and often tip over, then suddenly they are right up again as these little sailors love to put on a show.

9. Hiking through jungle and mountains is safe as a Disney walk, but this is real and the sounds are real birds of all kinds, parrots and hawks in the trees above.

10. Snorkelling and diving are ever so popular in this Savusavu area with an easy to access from land phenomenon of assorted fish and sea life at “Split Rock”. Diving is also renown and the Internet is full of pictures from diving experiences.

There you go, the ten things you can do without paying a fortune and most for free. So, hop on a Fiji Airline plane and fly all the way through to Savusavu. You will be glad you did.

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