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Waterfront Beachfront property for sale in Savusavu, Fiji

Waterfront Fiji property


Easy access road, electricity and water.

There is an easy channel to bring the boat to the river in the high tide.

There are a lot of palm trees on the property.

Nice area to put villas after cleaning the property.

There is an area in front of this property where the divers from Cousteau, Namale Resort and Koro Sun tourists come and enjoy diving in this place.

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Hawaii Investment, 23.5 Acres. Trades for freehold Fiji.

Hawaii Investment

Large acreage with many possibilities, Hawaii is always a great, solid investment! Parcel is surrounded by larger homesteads in quiet area. Paved County road frontage with power lines on two sides (west and north), water meter connected to parcel, plus great water catchment area too. Off-grid living always an option still with solar/wind. Selling 50 percent ownership of entire 47 acres, so basically you have rights to entirety of the property.

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Beachfront property, Kapa island, Vavau, The Kingdom of Tonga

Kapa Island beach, Tonga


You need to know that this little 6 acres of heaven is located on an island in the safe and sane, reef protected island group of Vava’u. The island is just a 4.5 minute boat ride from the mainland island. This says a lot. The best of all worlds is to be on an island and yet not pay the price of liaison and access normally associated with this extreme luxury. Worst case you could even swim there and back.

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4 acres of beachfront property with two houses, Vavau, Tonga

4 acres of beachfront property with two houses $99,900 USD


The Blue Lagoon is really blue and so much so that it shows up even on Google Earth looking like it was retouched, but that is just how it is naturally in real living color. To have beachfront on this lagoon is limited. Of the 8 billion people on this planet, only about 8 persons could have the living experience, for that is the limit out there.

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Freehold property Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands

Freehold vacant land, Fiji


18.119 acres, freehold  vacant land.

Lots of hardwood and softwood timber on it.

Electricity is close by, easy to pull the line direct to the property. 

Property has its own fresh water source.

Highway tare sealed road is only 200 meters away from this property.

Shopping center, health center, police post, post office, vegetable market is 2 kilometers away from this property.

School is one kilometer away from this property.

Biggest Dreketi river is one kilometer away from this property.

Easy access to the ocean.

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Beachfront property, Aore Island, Vanuatu

Beachfront land, Vanuatu

Lot 1 Michel Subdivision, Aore Island. Approx 1 acre, 4410sqm, 80m of beachfront. only lot of its size.

Surveyed with pegs and corner posts. Faces northeast over water.

Zoned residential tourism.

This land is one of 23 lots on this private road.

Is selectively cleared, grassed, with pawpaw and bananas. Lovely shady trees over sandy beach.

Ready to build your tropical getaway. Many here build and use for BnB for return investment. With this size waterfront you could have both a private residence and a rental.

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Beachfront Freehold Property, Vanua Levu, Fiji

A prime location for a class resort, Fiji


This location is the only uninterrupted beachfront location along this coveted side of the island for miles from the town of Savusavu all the way to the end of the road at the Cousteau Resort. Only the Cousteau Resort and this property, side by side, have this unique feature of not having the highway between their accommodation and the beach. This is a huge location plus.

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Levukalailai Beachfront property, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Beachfront freehold, Fiji


1. The long, long beach is pure white sand, which is preferable to tourists than some of the darker sand beaches in Fiji on the bay side of the island.

2. Swimming and diving and snorkeling are excellent on this side of the island.

3. Fishing and shellfish abound in the protective reef before the property.

4. There is a waterway from the ocean to the beach that allows a boat to come to shore.

5. This was Survivor of AU’s choice for their filming of that TV series.

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Freehold property for sale, Savusavu, Fiji

100 Acres Freehold Land, Fiji


Property has no house, water stream running into this property, very rich soil for farming Kava, taro, cassava, pineapple, water melon and all other kind of crops.

Property has lovely ocean view of Natewa Bay open ocean and Savusavu Bay.

No electricity can use solar power or generator.

Internet service is very good.

Savusavu town is 30 minutes drive from this property.

All services is available like hospital, post office, hardware supplies, good supplies.

Price is $160,000.00USD.