4 acres of beachfront property with two houses

Fofoa, Tonga
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This white sand beach property is located on the reef protected “Blue Lagoon” in the Vava’u Island Group

The setting is on the most beautiful blue crystalline water lagoon perhaps in the world. The Blue Lagoon is really blue and so much so that it shows up even on Google Earth looking like it was retouched,but that is just how it is in real living color. To have beachfront on this lagoon is limited. Of the 7 billion people on this planet, only about 7 could brag about the experience for that is the limit out there.

The area is stunning and the house on the next property up the beach rents for over $700 USD per night. We mention that to give anyone interested in commercializing the property that it could pay very well.

The houses there now are 2 small cabins and equipped with solar power and fresh water systems. The houses are certainly liveable while perhaps a little camp like, a very nice proper home could be made there or up to 20 of them actually with each on their own 1/5 acre lot. There’s another idea.

In any event this is a good safe and beautiful place to live far away from the rest of the unsettled world morphing rapidly.

Snorkelling, swimming, diving and whale watching are directly out front. Business could be the mode there and Tonga is pro-business under the new benevolent King who is very accommodating for foreign investment. Permits and licenses are now as relaxed as laying on the beach.

This property is 4 acres of lush, gently sloping island land, sitting on a white sand beach on the calm and clear lagoon. The ocean is in plain view, just beyond the great protective reef where the white water surf crashes, foaming gently into the blue lagoon.

The property has 77 years left out of an original 80 and it can be renewed at any time during the term. The monthly payment is $120 USD. There is a lot of room along the 93 meters of waterfront to build cabins along the water. For those who want higher home site there level areas and room above as the Google picture shows some height. Lots of level ground for building and at different levels. Easy to get permits allow for red tape free building of almost anything you wish.

There are of mature mandarin orange trees and coconut trees, smaller avocado and mango trees, bananas and Papaya's. The views are amazing and a great long beach for a morning and evening stroll. There are surf breaks nearby, good fishing and a big one is the Humpback whales play right out front, in full view and you can even swim with them in Tonga.

This large island (Fofoa Island) is located about 25 minutes by fast boat to the main island where the airport is and the main town where all supplies you would need are there to include hardware, building and food supplies. On a nearby island there is a small native village that can provide fresh fruit and veggies, should you not be inclined to garden yourself. In town, they have it all and all of the imported stuff that one might yearn for. Across the lagoon is a resort offering fine dining. Another resort offers game fishing on the other side of the island, in another lagoon of this magnificent island.

You can live on this island for very little. Grow your own garden and fish from the sea for almost nothing. People have lived on these islands for centuries with nothing more than a canoe and a grass house. Add your luxuries and live off the interest from the sale of your home in the Northern Hemisphere. Or, build a couple simple native island fales and rent them out. Tonga and in particular this wondrous island group within called “Vava’u” is the last frontier of the South Pacific. Residency type visas can still be had with minimal investment and freedom abounds.

THIS, could be the start of something grand…

For more, just ask Robert

$120 000USD

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