Ha’apai, Tonga
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Uoleva Island 5 acres on the beach in Ha’apai Tonga

5 acres, $59,800 USD, plus $95 per month. Term 75 years.

You asked for white sandy beaches… this is as good as it gets. Plenty of pure, deep and clean white sand and all the way out into the sea so you can swim at any tide. This 5+ acre piece is on an island that could be used as a classic South Pacific movie setting. In fact it was near here where the actual Mutiny on the Bounty occurred in 1789. If the truth were known, Bligh was probably a sweetheart of captain but his crew in the Ha’apai Islands just didn’t want to go back home—can’t blame them for that as you will experience upon arrival. Remote and serene but just over the sand bar on the north of the island is the main island, shopping, restaurants, airport, hospital, cars and supplies.

You can walk for kilometers on this expanse of beach and make the only footprints. The island is completely reef protected, safe from big waves and stormy seas outside. A perfect place for a resort, a guesthouse or a residence that the Rich and Famous would boast—but you don’t have to be rich to have your own piece of paradise at these prices. For less than the price of a new car, you have the answer to life.

A great place to reside out of harm’s way from the fallout in the Northern Hemisphere not to mention the food fights coming. On this island there is more food by far than people, which makes for friendly neighbors in any world situation. There are a couple small resorts with some very nice folks for occasional company way down the beach. One in the foot of the island and the other above, so you are not alone on this lovely island, but not crowded either and that can be comforting. Not many of these crown jewels being offered anymore.

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$59 800USD

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