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Fofoa, Tonga
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ASKING PRICE: TOP 125,000 with no monthly or annual payments due!
PROPERTY AD, as per the Vendor/Seller.

This amazing listing could be the perfect property for an individual, couple, family or even multiple families that want to get back to nature and live a life that even Robinson Crusoe could be envious of, especially considering if the sales price is TOP 100,000 or more, two different families would qualify for coveted permanent visas!

The property consists of one 30 pole lot surrounded by hectares and hectares of useable plantation land, along with an approximately 1,200 sq.ft. main residence and an approximately 500 sq.ft. guest-house known as “The Mandarin” which has been featured in the Lonely Planet guidebook!

This is one of the most unique properties available at this time and is not only reasonably but exceptionally well-priced considering the private lease does not expire until September 11, 2053!

A simple timeshare in Fiji, a timeshare featuring a property that you cannot customize, add on too and land that you cannot farm, garden or erect a new structure on, can run you well over $500 per week for even the most basic accommodation. Considering this property has nearly 1,900 “weeks” remaining on its lease, the asking price represents a weekly cost of just about 65 Tongan Pa’anga or about USD $5 dollars per day!

In short, you could have a 36 year lease on a property with two homes on one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific … or you could buy yourself an extra McDonald’s Happy Meal each day for the next 36 years.



The short nine mile boat ride from the main island to FoFoa island is filled with beautiful scenery. You can see fantastic South Pacific islands with white sand beaches, amazing raised rock islands with towering palm trees, beautiful dolphins, colorful fish and even the many Humpback whales that visit Tonga between June and November (half the year)!


Sailing into the peaceful Fofoa lagoon or open ocean beach is breathtakingly beautiful. From the lagoon beach it is an approximately 450 meter walk through an enchanting, palm tree lined and tropical flower filled path to this property, and from the South-East lagoon beach, it is a shorter approximately 380 meter walk to this property.


This main home was constructed in 1999 and features approx. 1,200 square foot of living space. It has an open floor plan, ceramic tiled floors, nice loft containing an extra bedroom with a view of the plantation from the walkout screened balcony, a custom designed, steel reinforced, hurricane shelter which may be used for a cool room or extra bedroom year round, large kitchen with wood stove, sitting room, tiled bathroom with tiled sitting area for comfort, as well as a stainless steel, gravity fed, interior rainwater tank for drinking.

This home was designed and custom built by an Austrian engineer for maximum safety and usefulness. The steel hurricane bunker is perhaps the best of its kind anywhere in these islands and further safety features such as a steel storm front door, interior pull down shutters, angled floor corners, etc., can prove its durability and genuine usefulness for years to come.

While many Tongan homes are not quite built “up to code” so to speak, this home was constructed with a super code in mind (for example many cement homes are only 30% re-bar filled whereas this home is nearly 100% re-bar filled)!

While Fofoa island is an extremely sheltered safe harbor, surrounded by coral reefs, lagoons and even centered between two other islands, thereby assuring itself of being one of the safest islands in all of the South Pacific, this home was constructed as if it was sitting alone on a low-lying, unprotected, disaster spot in the Maldives Islands!

Nearly 4,000 bags of cement, sand and stone were used in the building of this house, all of which had to be manually transported and many of which had to be manually hauled up the island pathway by a team of Tongan strong men. Nearly 4,000 man hours alone were needed to simply lay the cement foundation as well as the beautiful ceramic tiles! This is truly a rustic and rugged South Pacific fortress!


The Madarin is a classic, cottage type, Tongan fale (i.e. bungalow) and is approximately 500 square foot and has an open floor plan with basically one large kitchen/dining/living room and a separate bathroom. The Mandarin guesthouse is built of wood, with a metal roof rather than the traditional short-term palm frond construction of traditional Tongan fales. This is not only for added convenience but for long-term sustainability and rental profits as well.


Fofoa Island is one of those picture perfect, South Pacific islands; the kind you see in the movies with pristine water, coral reefs, colorful fish, sandy beaches and the like. Fofoa is located approximately 5 miles South-West of the main island of Vavau and approximately 10 miles from Neiafu town center, the capital of the Vavau island group.

While FoFoa island has the appeal and feel of a private, deserted paradise, it also has a crucially important neighbor islands in both Hunga and Vakaeitu Islands which are nearly within swimming distance. Vakaeitu Island is also known for its pristine beauty and has the well renowned Popao Village Resort on it while Hunga Island is located just across the peaceful lagoon and has a nice little Tongan village on it (great for hiring manual laborers for gardening, construction and the like) for needed food stuffs as well as the Ika Lahi Game Fishing Lodge and restaurant.

Fofoa Island also has the added benefit of being a discovered and popular island as well, an island that has been gaining in popularity and is set to become one of the most famous islands in Tonga. In just the past two years, there have been both European and American investors who have purchased land on this magnificent island, one of which was an American Forbes listee. When you see investors of that caliber investing in your little piece of paradise, it makes you realize you have made a very wise investment indeed!


The island itself comprises approximately 240 acres in size. What this means is that while you will be paying for just a 30 pole lot, you will have almost free reign of massive plantation land as well as the many wonderful beaches!

The land available in this listing is comprised of the home plot which is 30 Poles in size and which is surrounded by hundreds of acres of both raw and in-production plantation land. In fact there was a lovely organic fruit (coconut, passionfruit, guava, mango, custard apple, pineapple, mandarins, etc) and herbs (chamomile, aloe vera, etc) plantation in front of this lot which is basically left alone as the owner does not live anywhere near this island!

There are also an enormous amount of edible and delicious fish in the lagoon to be caught and eaten or even sold, as there are certainly enough to feed a few families and even enough to sell to the locals on Hunga, Mandarin guesthouse customers, the visiting yachties or in town at the produce market.

Finally, the land also has its own septic system and perhaps most importantly, innovative safety features like an eco-fence (an extremely tall barrier made up of trees, brush, etc., that protects the house from strong winds).

This is not only some of the most secluded and peaceful land on earth but is also some of the most well-equipped and sensible land in Vavau to live off of as well.

Now, you may be asking, what about a “private beach”; I’m you asked. The Tongan government owns all the literal beach-front in the country therefore there are no truly “private beaches”, however rest assured that full beach access (to MULTIPLE amazing swimming beaches) comes with this property and is yours for the using!


This property has never been mass marketed, or really marketed much at all. However there is unlimited potential in this property for the right person. While this entire property may make the perfect private residence for the right person, family or even multiple families, it may also make a very lucrative investment for the tourist minded individual.

Consider that if ONLY The Mandarin Guesthouse were to be rented (while you live in the large home) for TOP $99 per night, with daily boat rentals at TOP $30 and a meal plan at TOP $10 (profit), one could make over TOP $50,000 in profit per year and have the initial investment paid back in well under three years time!

Now, imagine if along with the purposed income, you were also to run a restaurant to supply the many yachties who frequent Fofoa, Vakaeitu and Hunga Islands with baked goods, fish and the like. To really maximize your profit earning potential you could also run a side business (whale watching, snorkeling trips, etc.,) and even rent out the large house if you like. In fact, using the larger house as a guesthouse would be a great idea and really maximize the income potential of this property. You could live in the upstairs loft and put a pool table, ping-pong table, etc, downstairs and put two bunk beds in the cool hurricane room, charging TOP 50 per night for each of the four beds. You could also live in the cool room and rent out the upstairs loft or even put some bunk beds in the side areas. Let your imagination run wild!

There are many ideas that one could implement with this property including forming a corporation and selling timeshares to maximize profits. The choice is yours!

$65 000USD

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