The owner of this island is offering it to the highest bidder

Vavau, Tonga
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The value of the island is that amount that someone is willing to pay for it, even though some talk of it being worth a million dollars, the owner is willing to take what comes his way.

As we open this bidding offer, there is one offer of $110,000 USD already on the table. We expect to do better than that, which inspired the auction/tender idea.

There is no deadline for getting bids in, but the auction could stop at any time the owner might elect to take the money and be done with it. This could happen in a week or in a couple months.
The terms of the offer will be a government issued and registered land lease and (Tenancy Agreement for 99 years).

The island property offer is over eight acres with more than 1000 meters of waterfront with some exquisite white sand beaches all around the island. There is a narrow strip leading to another islet attached to the island which is not part of the offer.

The island is located in the most beautiful lagoon, perhaps on the planet and for sure in Tonga. The opportunity to use the property for a resort is here and already has proven to be a winner.
The location of the island is within the Vava’u Island Group about 9.5 nautical miles from the mainland island of Vava’u. The world cruising and local charter yachts favour this bay for visiting and can be an excellent source of business should one wish to use the island to entertain them. Nightly rental income for houses on the lagoon is over $700 USD, and there aren’t many.
More on the business potential aspect or anything about Tonga with your welcomed enquiry.

The slides shown in the photographs faces inside the reef and island protected lagoon with the other side facing the grand South Pacific where the ocean wave pound up some more beautiful beach.

Permits to build are easy in Vava’u and investors from all over the world are welcome too.
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$110 000USD

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