Entire 12 acre Island REDUCED to $250,000 USD

Vavau, Tonga
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This remarkable, lush white sandy beach island of Fangasito in the Vava’u Island Group of Tonga is being offered for less than half the price of some cars!

If you have ever wanted and island, now you can join the club of Branson, Mel Gibson, DiCaprio, Pam Anderson, Spielberg, Cage, Dion, et al; this is your chance and it is a giveaway.

Today the maximum lease term allowed in Tonga on Government land is 99-years. The current lease has 30 years left on it but government leases can be renewed prior to the end of the term for up to 99-years. The annual lease fee includes any and all tax is $2500 Tonga dollars or $1250 USD equivalent.

Fangasito has a protective coral reef from the windward side, which is about 30-metres from the blue water to the sand. The white, white sand surrounding the whole island is about 20 - 25 meters from the land to the water. There is over one kilometer of waterfront on the island.

The island is about 12.5 miles as the crow flies from the main island of Vava’u and about 15 miles through the inter-island waterway. A normal fast boat can get you there in less than 45 minutes. It is lush, as the pictures show and it is beach 360 degrees around the island, with huge mounds of beautiful white sand. One can build a resort and/or residence and as promised, all permits will be assuredly handled promptly and efficiently on this island.

Like in all of Tonga abundant potable water is by catchment systems while electric power would be by solar and or generator.

Go for it and make millions with it. 

$250 000USD

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