Island retreat ready for business, $77,000 USD

Oloua island, Vavau
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Robinson Crusoe must have ran off with Jane to NYC and left you his brilliant little retreat.

Albeit a bit unfinished, the basics are there. The house with its unique structures about; the big fireplace BBQ for your party guests; the 20 foot island cruiser with the 40hp motor and the three new 30 foot long outrigger canoes are all yours for just $77K USD.

A good business can made from this island, just bringing people from the mainland out for the day and renting the outriggers for their exploring all kinds of natural settings, including some fun surfing that the outriggers can handle quite well. From riding the wave thrills to hiding in quiet coves and exploring any of the many islands about, things to talk about for the rest of your guest’s lives. The Island trip can offer the BBQ late in the day with a short few minute ride back to the main island in the motor launch that comes with in this offer. People staying on the main island will love the island experience and be glad to pay the fare. Purchasing of this property and the boats will qualify you for the residency business visa.

Here you can live happily ever after, well for the next 50 years then you have to renew the government registered land lease of two lots, about 1600 sq meters. Anyway, plenty of time for that and meanwhile the annual payment is just $400 Tongan dollars per year and at today’s rate of exchange with the USD, that is just $200 USD per year.

The construction is unique, made from coral rock and rock solid, cyclone tested to stand up to anything that might ever come our way. There is a retaining wall that runs the width of the property that sits in the water at high tide creating a tidal swimming pool that’s millpond calm with an elevated beach.

The fireplace is probably Tonga’s biggest wood burning oven. It is attached to a nice size BBQ area, which has a built in tandoor for Indian style cooking and a shallow sink for cleaning fish. It has a fire pit with notched rocks for spinning a pig on and serpent’s tail designed rock wall bench that surrounds the fire pit. When it is party time, you are all set.

As well there are two huge 15 by 30 ft decks that overlook the water. The 16 foot by 16 foot rock bar/café with deck and retaining walls is set so the bar actually is recessed into the side of the hill. “A very cool design,” as the Princess of Tonga noted while on tour of the Vava’u Islands. There is an area for a washroom with foundation and septic tank already built in.

There is a very appealing fenced in area on top of the property as the lay of it is two tiered on about a 1/4 acre that is flat and has 7 mature fruiting mangos of two different varieties that are really sweet. Oloua Island is famous for their mangoes the locals tell me because of the good soil. So this piece fenced off is perfect for a small agriculture project.

The seller never completed the project so more work to be done, but the local labour is more than willing to finish things and very inexpensively.

Ask Robert for more about this interesting investment in paradise.

$77 000USD

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