Ovaka Island Eastern Point (Virtual Island) 69,750 USD

Ovaka, Tonga
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This “Virtual Island” (3.5 ac.) is as near as you can get to having your own island without the million dollar outlay.

The land mass is situated on an island, on a point with a narrow portion where the land mass joins the main part of the island. There are two sandy beaches that adjoin the property, one on either side of this virtual island. The Island where "Virtual Island” is situated, with its near 360 degree waterfront, is called Ovaka Island. Ovaka Island is a pristine island in the Vava’u Island Group of the Kingdom of Tonga. It is only 8 miles from the mainland, main harbour of Neiafu. It is a straight run through the tranquil and reef protected island group to the main harbour.

The main harbour of Neiafu is where the airport, supplies and main town of this island group are located. Ovaka Island has a small village of friendly natives who are an economical source of labour when needed. All kinds of fruit and veggies are available on the island. Fresh fish is caught from the sea daily and there is a small retreat on the other end of the same side of the island that grows a wider variety of foods that can be bartered.

The island property would make a good place for a small resort, or a quite lovely private residence. Worth mentioning, there are no deadly land critters at all. No snakes, no monsters of any kind. Life is safe and as good as it gets. Kids walk barefoot in the jungle all the time.

See the maps and assorted other pictures by asking Robert at robert@southpacificrealestate.to or as this web directs you.
The TA monthly payment is just $32 with the annual lease payment of $500.
The term is for 85 years.

Good island property is becoming hard to come by these days. If you want to secure this one, a $5000 USD deposit will take it off the market the same day.

$69 750USD