You can have this home for $49,950USD…

Vanua Levu, Fiji
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Yes, right here by the sea…
And, you can get your “Residency Permit” facilitated for you to live full time in beautiful Fiji.

Here is the catch…

The home can be yours, owned by you. The waterfront land need not be purchased nor even leased. It is merely used as a place (by legal agreement) to park your home, and for a monthly fee of just $220 USD. This saves you spending a fortune on premium land and spares you a permanent commitment in a temporary world. The home is actually moveable, transportable and legally qualifies as not part of the land. Therefore, should you wish to retract it into its original form, a Cor-ten steel cargo container, and move it to a new location, just call the crew up to move it to wherever. The home is yours to do with as you please.

Right now there is a parcel of land, as pictured, that is being groomed for the placement of 8 of these homes, some larger and some smaller, priced accordingly, which will create a small community of primarily retired folks from around the world.

Fiji has an affordable Residency program for attracting people of retirement age, 45 years old and older, to live as full time residents and even qualify for Fiji citizenship after five years. The basics of the program are: Invest in Fiji the equivalent of $100,000 Fiji dollars, which is less than $50,000 US dollars, and buying the home qualifies you for this residency. Then show a retirement income that can support you in Fiji where you can live very well on $1,200 USD per month and with FREE HEALTHCARE.

Try that in your homeland.

See all the home options available below and email us for the fact sheets on each and other locations to live by the sea or in the hills. Either way, the views are spectacular.

$49 950USD

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