Twenty seven Fijian freehold land Lots, Natewa Bay, Fiji

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Twenty seven Fijian freehold land titles are now available below the mountain back-dropped “Nacolase” 500-acre estate on the South Seas beaches of the stunningly beautiful and largest bay in the Southern Hemisphere—Natewa Bay is where you truly get to discover life as it was meant to be.

Rob Perrin, a family man with a successful history of building in Lake Arrowhead California has topped it all with his remarkable find of this treasure on the planet. Rob has created a marina for us on the second largest and most beautiful island in Fiji, Vanua Levu—debt free, which today is another hard to find security.

When some development projects have to show artist’s renditions of, lots, marina, canals and Yacht Club promises of what will be; Rob has the real thing with titles in hand. Already built is better than any drawing of intentions. Rob’s real jetty protected marina has real docks and a large Yacht Club built with a lofty view of the gorgeous scene of azure seas and towering green mountains. The club house is for all of the land owners in this enclave to enjoy with plenty of room below for any businesses that might wish to serve the residents of Nacolase.

Before we get into the details of lots offered, which the photographs speak for themselves, (click here if you can’t wait) lean forward with us for more about what this 500 acres has to offer the entitled.

This is ancient land with the remnants of an old Fijian fort on the property in the mountain hills above. Waterfalls, hiking trails, horse trails, natural springs and the still unexplored hills are part of your personal adventure. The 500-acres can provide self-sustaining, self-sufficient living with its rich for growing soil, mature fruit trees and thousands of coconut trees called the “Tree of Life” in Fiji. In WWII they used the coconut water in lieu of blood plasma, to give you an idea of the quality of this health food growing plentiful and natural.

On the property’s one mile of waterfront open to the ocean bay side, world record fish have been caught here. If you are into deep water fishing, Natewa Bay can provide you with trophy fish, because there are plenty of them in this natural sanctuary, due in part to the inability of commercial long liners to fish in Natewa. Ha!

With more world class activity to enjoy, snorkelling Natewa’s living reefs is another winner and of course all of the water sports are on par.

The marina is the perfect location for a seaplane or boat where from your window you can see them afloat at the dock.

There is a 10 acre parcel set aside for a small resort, which affords just one more local restaurant for our local residents. Another option available with the resort is the resort can rent out your home should you not be living in it full time.

Spinner Dolphins make their home in this bay and perhaps you should too.

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There are no comparable lots in Fiji as even at Nacolase each lot has its own unique personality. Located where you can watch the sun rise out of one window and watch the sun set out of the other while overlooking the grand Natewa Bay throughout the day, the stimulation can be distracting, and then the full moon with its silver shadow on the sea before you can keep you up all night. This is why you see people sleeping all afternoon in hammocks throughout the South Seas.

Video about Natewa Bay Estates. Watch it on Youtube.

$77 000USD

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