Waterfront with sea pool, Tonga

Vava'u, Tonga
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Talihau—and how! Just now reduced to $29,850 USD and monthly lease payments of $65.

This is probably the most interesting 1.5 acre property on the main island of Vava’u. It is just a 7 mile drive by car or 4.4 miles by boat to the property from the main town of Neiafu where all supplies, stores, banks and hospital are located. The airport is just another 5.5 miles from Neiafu.

This property has the character of a manmade adventure park, but it truly was the marvellous work of nature. You will find fascinating formations on the coastline that make protected pools for swimming and small caves.

The use of this area is limited only by one’s imagination. There are so many choices; a restaurant out into the water with the sunset over the sea, or cottages perched on land with two feet in the water, picnic and camping areas and, of course; a residence with stunning views of the sea about and within this amazing reef protected water wonderland full of islands and beaches to explore, with your own special Heaven to return home to. It would make a great residential subdivision with 5 lots to an acre (standard in Vava’u).

Electric lines run right over the drive entrance to the property so power is a given whenever you are ready. There is town water in the area too, but your own catchment systems are always a first choice for the best water. All sewage in all of Tonga is septic systems, easy to install.

The owner regrets having to sell, but circumstances cause it to be and below they lament: “Hi Robert, don't really know why it took me so long to reply to you. I suppose it's because I love that property so much and don't really wanna let go. (but we have to sell now.) I am attaching photos and maps of the property to remind you how beautiful and big it is.

Remember the day you took us to the property and we walked around in the water? We stopped at a little "pond" in the sea. We didn't go past it, and I still asked you if you could please try and include it in the property. Well, I was so happy, because that pond (photo of that day included) is not even halfway yet. The property stretches way past that.”

Please find 3 attachments: The top one is a Google earth image of the property. Photo 3026 (hole in the rock) is indicated as number 1 on the Google image. Photo 3067 (our own sea-pool) is at number 2 on the Google image and that is as far as we walked the day you showed the property to us.

The property is under a 50 year renewable TA (Tenancy Agreement) with a land lease as back up, yet to be issued, just waiting for your proper name.

If you are ready, Talihau is beckoning. Only one Talihau like this in the world so while still living, why not enjoy it for all it is worth? Let me know if it is for you and I will make it happen. Email for more information or with your questions.

$29 850USD
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