Fiji says; If Uncle Sam doesn’t want to pamper you, we will!

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Retiring overseas was becoming popular before the election, so matters not your political choice, for the choice that really comes home is where you will make your home.

Living Overseas Fiji South Pacific

Today I am going to tell you about a choice that I think screams with the most appeal and delivers the most of what we retired folks want for our money. The summary of that offer is:

Your own paid for new home in a small community of expats on a million dollar beach for under $50,000 USD and $220 USD per month, with free healthcare and your residency permit facilitated—and paid membership in the Savusavu Yacht Club. (or in the hills with grand ocean views)
This is for real and not too good to be true.

There are five home model selections with some unique qualities, a first in Fiji. More as we move along.

Let’s start with Fiji where this offer originates; the touted most desirable place to be in so many ways and events, from spending a holiday to holding up in WWIII, heaven forbid.
Fiji is a large island group in the safe and secure Southern Hemisphere’s, South Pacific, where that famous “Fiji Water” comes from. Fiji has it all, even a big city where you can buy about anything you need and want and at prices commensurate with and catering to the lower income populace. The bargains really hit home when you hire local help for under $2.50 USD per hour.

“Cost U Less” is Costco in the capitol of Suva where huge, selection and price prevail. The city fix is there for any who need some traffic, wide screen surround sound and pubs, fine food and remarkably fine accommodations. As for me, too much city and I am back on the ferry or the plane to our home by the sea on the second largest and greenest most beautiful island of Fiji, with almost everything the bigger island has that you might find essential.

Vanua Levu is the Island where the fishing is renowned, the weather is microns from being perfect and the ocean, the high mountains, the streams and rivers are right out of the magazines that depict the South Seas in living color. Bula is the single most spoken word in Fiji and it means every form of welcome and hello you might conjure up. You will feel welcome in Fiji.

The offer to move to Fiji and reside in a waterfront community with other ex-pats from around the world is new and getting a lot of attention as people figure it out. Hmmmm, you can liquidate everything back home and transfer your wealth to where it will instantly double in value. The 2 FJD for 1 USD exchange rate and the prices in Fiji dollars which are still comparably lower for the essentials of food, shelter and clothing, cause a compounding effect that raises your standard of living—instantly.

Your worries about residency and living in Fiji without ever having to return to your homeland are managed by the ex-immigration officer,on retainer, that attends to these things for home buyers. Of course, you can go see your Uncle Sam on any of the daily flights to the States and amusingly you will arrive there before you left Fiji;well that is what the calendar and clock say. It is only about 11 hours from Fiji to LA, and vice versa, so it is much like driving from San Francisco to Portland Oregon, as far as time goes, and someone else does the driving or flying. After you live here a few years and read/watch some of the news from our homeland, you may start thinking,we are not far enough.

There are 5 home choices in this program, with a sixth coming on soon. All of them have the unique quality of being legally “moveable” which exempts them from a lot of restricting regulation and expense. The homes are moved to your choice location by the sea or in the hills. The locations are actually rented space on premium property that are valued over a million dollars. We are spared the need to come up with any purchase money given the offer is just Fiji priced low cost rent.

The homes are wood over Corten steel frames, which is what shipping containers are made from. Their strength is confirmed when stacked nine high, fully loaded. Try that with the typical house. The sizes of the homes vary with the price. The Eagle II, just under $50,000 is a self-contained, eco minded, one bedroom 450 square foot home with state of the art solar set up, water catchment, toilet and grey water separation for plant watering.

Within a couple months of making your decision, you can be sitting pretty in a small but beautiful home, on the beach, or up the hill, enjoying a well-deserved life with the sunrise to your left and sunset to your right, with the outer reef protected ocean directly before you. The stars and shooting stars at night are another delight, and only in this pure, clean air where no pollution and only 10% of the people on earth live free in harmony and peace.

Make the move. You will be so glad you did.
Rob Bryce in paradise