About Us

Introducing “Interactive Advertising”of the grand South Pacific

This site is the creation of people dedicated to revealing the pearls of the South Pacific, currently with emphasis of the Kingdom of Tonga and the Republic of Fiji.

This website is an advertising service that "interacts" with enquirers interested in learning about life, business and property in the South Pacific. The interaction is simply our making ourselves available to enquiring parties that, at their request, ask us to share information about these South Seas island groups we are so familiar with.

Advertisers may opt to field their enquiries directly, bypassing the "interactive" feature or to use the feature where enquirers are fielded and educated before being sent to the advertising vendor or seller. The interactive service is available to private parties advertising while realtors and business brokers require their direct contact. Only www.southpacificrealestate.to offers this unique service.

In all the South Pacific countries advertised on this site you will find the epitome of what nature is capable of in South Seas living which is beautiful and affordable. Freedom abounds in these lands where for centuries people lived beyond the reach of those obsessed with controlling mankind.

The Bryce family discovered these Island group treasures in 1984 on a sailing adventure in the South Pacific. Since 2001, based in Tonga, but residing in Fiji, we have been officially sharing our findings with those who are searching, like us, for whiter sands and brighter living.