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Beachfront property, Kapa island, Vavau, The Kingdom of Tonga

Kapa Island beach, Tonga


You need to know that this little 6 acres of heaven is located on an island in the safe and sane, reef protected island group of Vava’u. The island is just a 4.5 minute boat ride from the mainland island. This says a lot. The best of all worlds is to be on an island and yet not pay the price of liaison and access normally associated with this extreme luxury. Worst case you could even swim there and back.

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OVAKA ISLAND BEACH on 4 acres, Vavau, Tonga


This 4 acre property is the classic definition of beach, deep white sand and lots of it. It is situated on Ovaka Island, within the Vava’u Island Group with the beach facing due south where the cool breeze trade winds sail in.

The southern trades are nature’s best air-conditioned cleanest air possible on the planet. The reef has created a safe harbour anchorage in the lagoon with a deep-water entrance naturally open there. The water is crystal clear and the reef serves to keep it safe from big waves and big fish.

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Property for sale at Vaipua, Vavau Island Group, Tonga, South Pacific

Land Vavau Tonga


There are two half acre each waterfront lots being offered on this remarkable lagoon, lots 1 and 5; see the map. The government lease is until 2037. Under Tongan law, you can forever own your home, even on leased land and move your home at will, should you ever be so inclined.

The area is described as the brochure says:

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Euakafa Island Property for sale Vavau Tonga Real Estate

Beach house on 2 acres Euakafa Island


About 35 feet by 20 feet, with basement and a 10,000 liter water tank under the house is offered on a TA and land lease for 99-years. The house is one big room with a bathroom partitioned on the east side.

The Island is accessible by small craft because within the reef protected inter-island waterway. The island and the sea about have all you need to live like they have for centuries, add solar. There are all kinds of food plants growing on it, free water by catchment, electric can be a simple solar set up.

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Property for sale Hunga Island, Vavau, Tonga, South Pacific

Lots Vava'u Hunga Island


ONLY $5,970 USD each plus the annual payment of just $420 USD.

These two lots are located on the cool trade winds side of the island facing the islands within the uniquely wave protected inter-island waterways.

The lots are 758 square meters of home building area (plus 375 sq. mtrs of water frontage) are located on the more gently sloping to the sea side of the island. The lots are about 40 feet high up from the inter-island waterway. You can access the water for that morning sunrise swim in these protected waters.

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Lot for lease in Neiafu, Vavau Island Group, Tonga, South Pacific



- Approx. 132 x 66 ocean-view, ocean-access lot!

- Private, pristine lot perfect for building, gardening and business!

- No building timelines or silly restrictions; live FREE, the way God intended!

- Located in a high-end area with professional neighbors!

- Just 1.2 miles to Neiafu town center and its shopping centres, markets, banks, etc!

- Only approx. 110’ from the oceanfront!

- Can moor your own boat for easy access to the stunning outer islands!

- Less than 5 miles from the Airport!

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Waterfront Island Lots Land for sale in Vavau Hunga Island Tonga South Pacific

Waterfront Island lots 1/5 acre plus 3000 sf, $6,880


The opportunity to have a piece of South Seas paradise is presented here for only $6,880 USD and $35 per month. These lots are located on the reef and island protected side of Vava’u-Hunga Island (no big waves possible) on this inter-island waterway. Building lots along the coast have access to the reef shelf below where fishing, snorkeling, swimming and reef walking are your pleasure.