Islands in the South Pacific

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House for sale, Vava’u Island Group, Tonga

House for sale Vava'u Tonga


An architectural marvel for Vava’u 12 years ago. The home has served this second owner well. It is comfortable, spacious and an adventure inside.

The house is approximately 14 metres in diameter ( round house ) with half of that being the kitchen, dining & lounge. The two main bedrooms are about 6m x 6m. The large tiled bathroom is 6m x 3m with a large tub, and there is an outdoor shower enclosed in bamboo. The outside verandah partly surrounding the house at the front with a sleep out bedroom as well (4m x 4m).

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Island for sale in Vavau Island Group, Tonga


The island is within the barrier reef and island protected waters of the Vava'u Island Group. It is 7 miles from the main town of Neiafu or 9 miles from the main harbor. Stunning, beautiful, emerald green island with clean, clear water and pure white sand.

Take it and resell it or keep it or build about anything you want on it and live on it or rent it to tourists for it has great appeal; all your choice.

You can have Internet and mobile phone service in the islands of Vava'u Tonga.