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Island Home For Sale in Olo'ua, Vava'u, Tonga

Island Home For Sale in Olo'ua, Vava'u, Tonga


Architectural Design Beachfront Island Home

Asking Price: $275,000 USD (Negotiable)

Located on the east side of Olo'ua Island in the Vava'u group of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Olo'ua is a quick 10 minute boat ride to Neiafu which is the capital of Vava'u.

Home overlooks northern end of a lagoon which is protected by barrier reef and three outer eastern islands.

Flag of Fiji

Fiji Flag

Prior to ceding the country to British rule in 1874, the government of Fiji adopted a national flag featuring blue and white vertical stripes, with

Tonga Lifestyle


Most of Tonga’s people are Polynesians; only 2 percent consists of members of other ethnic groups. English and Tongan are the official languages.

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Hawaii Investment, 23.5 Acres. Trades for freehold Fiji.

Hawaii Investment

Large acreage with many possibilities, Hawaii is always a great, solid investment! Parcel is surrounded by larger homesteads in quiet area. Paved County road frontage with power lines on two sides (west and north), water meter connected to parcel, plus great water catchment area too. Off-grid living always an option still with solar/wind. Selling 50 percent ownership of entire 47 acres, so basically you have rights to entirety of the property.

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Beachfront property, Kapa island, Vavau, The Kingdom of Tonga

Kapa Island beach, Tonga


You need to know that this little 6 acres of heaven is located on an island in the safe and sane, reef protected island group of Vava’u. The island is just a 4.5 minute boat ride from the mainland island. This says a lot. The best of all worlds is to be on an island and yet not pay the price of liaison and access normally associated with this extreme luxury. Worst case you could even swim there and back.