Beachfront and waterfront land, Tonga

Fofoa Tonga
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4.5 acres with 2 on the Blue Lagoon and 2 on the Hunga Lagoon—the best of both.

Approximately 18,560 sq meters (4.58 acres) of beachfront and waterfront land on Fofoa Island with 2.7 acres on the remarkably blue, Blue Lagoon with another almost two acres on the Hunga Lagoon out on the point. The property is two parcels connected in the middle. This was the second property sold on the Blue Lagoon, so it is premium.

The 2.7 acre property is 100 meters from the east end of the beach with 65 meters of beach frontage. The connecting approx. 2 acres has the point and around where the Blue Lagoon merges with the Hunga Lagoon in the pass. This lovely property sits on one of the most beautiful blue crystalline water lagoons in Vava’u. The white sandy beach and the view are right out of the travel magazines. Snorkeling, swimming and diving and whale watching are directly out front. Here, you can build a cabin on the property to occupy with water and power hooked up, fully self-contained via catchment and solar/wind power.

The offer is for 76 of the 80 years under contract. What more is part of this offer is described below:

On the beach frontage there room on the property to build a cabin along the water or up the hill there.

The ground gently slopes up the hill for building with views from behind should you wish to create a few cabins up the hill at different levels. Easy to get permits allow for red tape free building of about anything you wish.

The pictures show the beach where the pole is sticking out of the sand. This property’s Blue Lagoon beach starts about 50 meters from that post, going up the beach to the west. The picture with the long beach view is that taken about where the beach begins looking towards the west end. The aerial shot is of Fofoa and Hunga Island as they almost touch in the lower middle of the picture. It is here, on the point of the reef entrance there, where this property is located on the Hunga Lagoon side. Beautifully located, it was the second to sell/lease in these islands 8 years ago.

There are a lot of mature mandarin orange trees and coconut trees, smaller avocado and mango trees, bananas and Papaya's on the island. The views are astounding. The setting is very private and a great long beach for a morning and evening stroll. There are surf breaks nearby, good fishing and a big one is the Humpback whales play right out front of the property, in full view and you can even swim with them in Tonga.
The island is located about 20 minutes by fast boat to the main island where the airport is and the main town where all supplies you would need are there to include hardware, building and food supplies. On a nearby island there is a small native village that can provide fresh fruit and veggies, should you not be inclined to garden yourself.

In town, they have it all and all of the imported stuff that one might yearn for. For more, just ask Robert

$99 000USD

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