Cottage by the Sea in Vavau, Tonga

Vava'u, Tonga
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“Premium property” is the way to describe this double lot of approximately ½ acre including the shoreline located on the upscale and exclusive side of the main harbour in Vava’u.

There is no more land available on this coveted waterfront. The on the water location is perfect for residential or commercial development.

The small house is as pictured, needs a new roof and interior. It has been neglected with the owner hoping but unable to return. The foundation and walls with a large water storage system are stable. Of course the land is fine, and the value is in the land and its coveted endlessly renewable government land lease. The jetty landing needs to be rebuilt with a new dock, but those are inexpensive in Tonga. Docking your boat there will allow you the notable option of going to town by boat, a more direct and faster ride than by car. The house is a small but very strong cement reinforced block home that was rented for years for a few hundred per month. It needs work as well, but the basic core structure is there.

There is room to build more units certainly or a main house even closer to the calm waters of the bay below. The road is paved to the house with electric power, phone and mains water, septic, plus its own water catchment. One could just move in and develop the property from this quaint jungle cottage on the skirts of the neighbouring civilization.

The property is only 3 km from the main town by car and the airport about 12km. The last vacant lot to sell in this area went for $100,000 US for half this size with much less in the way of a land lease—and no cottage, so this is truly a bargain, or as someone remarked; “It is an I Q test.” This one is quite a bargain, not counting the house. Why all the hype about this end of the harbour has a lot to do with the kind of homes here and the access by road and by sea and its calm water docking. The property is in the lee of the trades providing a wave free waterfront of crystal clear water enabling smooth docking in consistently tranquil waters.

Vava’u is all about boating and boats access about everywhere so having a waterfront docking is very advantageous. You can moor any number of boats in this quiet end of the harbour rendering it commercially viable for any kind of fishing, touring or whale watching boat oriented activity. Renting waterfront houses with boat docks is popular and lucrative, especially when providing small skiffs with outboards as part of the package. One doesn’t need a car since boats were the mode of transport for centuries before cars. Getting to the airport is another matter.

The best for last. This property is about as close as you can get to freehold. The land lease there is a Government Estate land lease with the Government as the lessor and these leases are endlessly renewable and always at nominal cost. Today they can be renewed for up to 99 years at a time but this one started as a 50 year, the maximum term at the time, with 40 or so years to go. Renewal is a matter of filing a form with the Director at the Lands office.

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$97 000USD

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