856 acres with 10,000 sq. ft. home—1.5 million USD

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856 acres of lush growing land with acres of fruit and hardwood trees

on the ocean below with a 10,000 square foot house and 6 two bedroom guest houses—that just begins to describe this unbelievable find.

There is more value in what is growing on the land than the price of it! And then let’s add the price of the ten thousand square foot home; that alone is over one million dollars. Then let’s add 6 cement block two bedroom private homes on the property. Almost new.

What’s going on here? Maybe you guessed it… Very motivated seller.

The saying; “One man’s loss is another’s gain,” which includes this property in this case.

Start with the location. Located 59km/36miles from the expat popular, seaside town of Savusavu on Vanua Levu Island, Fiji’s second largest island with airports, markets, med. and all the services—its rural, its private, but not out of reach. The 856 acres has about 3 km of internal farm roads, one river ford, and one concrete bridge. There are three fruit orchards with 350 mature and starting trees of all kinds, and thousands of kava plants, and a kava dryer rack. The kava planted in the ground has a half million dollar value USD all by itself. There are acres of hardwood trees and Fiji is known for some of the finest hardwoods in the world—just ask Gibson Guitar. There are seven fenced and gated pasture paddocks, in total about 30 acres. A thousand pineapples, many parrots, boat mooring off the ocean and one up the river. And to attend to all this, there are staff at low Fiji farming wages with a large worker camp-house and a small campshed in the field. You are in business now, cows, plows and all. And, maybe there is additional business to be had there.

Then, enter the 10,000 square foot two story home into this already too good to be true offer.

This large main residence (or could be a lodge building) with two levels, verandas on all sides, with 6 bathrooms, two laundry rooms… OK, that’s enough to convey the message. And if you read this and have the funds to buy it, we can get into it in more detail if you think that is necessary.

As ever,

PS Freehold land (no property tax).

$1 500 000USD

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