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Vavau, Tonga
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This Grand Round House with sixteen sides is how to describe this one.

An architectural marvel for Vava’u 12 years ago. The home has served this second owner well. It is comfortable, spacious and an adventure inside.

The house is approximately 14 metres in diameter ( round house ) with half of that being the kitchen, dining & lounge. The two main bedrooms are about 6m x 6m. The large tiled bathroom is 6m x 3m with a large tub, and there is an outdoor shower enclosed in bamboo. The outside verandah partly surrounding the house at the front with a sleep out bedroom as well ( 4m x 4m ).

The lofty ceilings are stunning with huge exposed rafters culminating to the center high above. There is a partly enclosed dining area with bamboo on the front veranda. The living room swirls around from the kitchen area with windows that circle with you along the way. There is a laundry room and plenty of storage. Using Pi r2, we can compute the interior to be 155 square meters or 1670 square feet, plus the nearly surrounding veranda. Anyway it is big enough for a family to live well and get lost.

It is only 3 kilometres to town and sets across from the lagoon that flows into the sea. It is well protected on this site. There are 87 years to go under contract as land is not sold or owned in Tonga, but you can own the house.

There is mains water and electric power to the house. The property is situated on two lots with annual payments of 3612 Tonga dollars or about half that in USD at $1800. This amount includes any and all taxes and fees.

All the amenities and the look, Internet, TV, mobile phone service, trees and garden with Tahitian lime, banana, breadfruit, cherimoya, papaya and 2 Kola lime trees—it is all here.

$99 900USD

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