Vavau, Tonga
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I hope you are reading this at work. It will have more impact. Put yourself in this picture of life:
Someone is out there paddling a kayak around the inter-island waterways of the beautiful island group of Vava’u Tonga and making a living doing just that.
What are you doing?

They are landing on a big white sandy beach with a group of kayakers to explore the uninhabited island; second island today, and under some shade trees they will have lunch with fresh coconut water and other cold beverages. This group of booked kayakers are paying “someone,” maybe more than what you are making per hour. This “someone” getting paid for this rare opportunity in life in paradise could be you. Wouldn’t you prefer to make a living this way? What people pay for and do on their holidays is what you can do for a living. This is hard to find fault with any way you look at it.

You can take that “someone’s” place today if you want to. All you need is some cash to buy this turn-key business. Sell the house; sell the cars; sell your diamonds and gold if you have to because there is only one business in the world like this, in this incredible location on the planet.

The business has made a good income for the “someone”, the sellers for 29 years now. The time has come for them to part with their good times and retire. This is a very healthy way to make a living, outdoors in the freshest of air and in the calm pristine waterways of these remarkable islands. You will be surrounded by astounding ambiance. Of course, this environment is part of what attracts the kayaker customers.

Much of the business is booked via agents and wholesalers. The ratings and awards are many and the business has certainly got all the bugs worked out after all these years.

The business is priced at basically less than what it would cost to start anew yourself, but already in place is the cash flow, the staff and guides, the agreements for island landings and all that advertising and travel agent business.

The current owners are running the business from outside the country, which is a handicap, but it works. So can you, if that helps. They operate by bookings, but there is another potential aspect of the business that could be supplementary to the bookings and that would be the “drop in” or business from the “street.” People staying in hotels that didn’t plan ahead to kayak could be so induced with a little promotion in the hotels. Who knows how much new business might be right there in town if you were there and kept the doors open for other than the offshore booked business?

Vava’u is all about the islands and the unique and quite wonderful lake-like setting of islands in an oasis of reef and island strings protecting the huge inner group. This exceptional protection from the ocean is such that small craft can traverse these waters without dealing with big waves. Only in this island group does such a desirable condition exist providing a safe trip for all, even in weather.

Living in Vava’u can be very inexpensive and a good income can go a long way. The income from this business can support you well and allow you to afford local loyal staff to tend to your daily needs. You have no idea what life can be really like until you have joined the few who do.

For more on this business, Tonga or life in general, just ask Robert.

$85 000USD

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