Beachfront freehold, Fiji

Levukalailai, Fiji
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Levukalailai, Fiji

This is 18 freehold (no rates or taxes) acres with white sand beaches, is located in Levukalailai, here are some of the attributes this property to consider. 3 separate tiles of 6 acres each lot.

1. The long, long beach is pure white sand, which is preferable to tourists than some of the darker sand beaches in Fiji on the bay side of the island.
2. Swimming and diving and snorkeling are excellent on this side of the island.
3. Fishing and shellfish abound in the protective reef before the property.
4. There is a waterway from the ocean to the beach that allows a boat to come to shore.
5. This was Survivor of AU’s choice for their filming of that TV series.
6. The land is flat and with a gentle sloping away from the sea.
7. You can have more than 30 villas, without special hotel licensing. More with.
8. Electricity is on the main road and crosses through the property.
9. There is spring water in the back side of the property.
10. Easy access for building on the property. No excavation necessary there.
11. Paved highway all the way from town, about 22 km, to the property. Normally a 25 minute drive to town, where the airport is located as well.
12. Local help, employees are available in this area.
13. The asking price is $1.350M USD.
14. From this property you have easy access to Taveuni Island, about 45 minute boat ride. Here are many popular with tourists attractions, diving and more waterfalls, etc.
15. Bus service, morning and afternoon from the property, which serves the your staff and the guests who prefer that mode of sightseeing on the way to town. As well, the service goes to Taveuni Island, where the ferry shuttle takes passengers to the island.
16. Internet and cell phone is very good reception in this area.

$1 350 000USD

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