PALMLEA LODGE – A lifestyle hobby that turned into a 4-star eco fun business!

Vanua Levu, Fiji
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A sure sign that your business is secure is if you didn’t have to chase after the customers,they went after you. That is also an indication of how growth might go unchecked, should that be your desire as the next owner of Palmlea.

The current owners set aside world cruising to become landlubbers and bought this remarkably located property where other cruisers could congregate and right in the best surfing and best fishing area, as touted so in all of the South Seas Islands. Snorkelling and diving not to be left out of the equation, this location has it all.

The owners missed the comradery of meeting new and interesting people, so they created a deluxe guest house and advertised it. Then two more exquisite bures and yet another and even a 25 meter lap pool. Finally, with plans for two more bures, that seemed like enough though they could have kept going given the appeal publicized by their guests and the twenty(20) freehold acres of room to grow as large as they had an appetite.

Speaking of appetite, healthy and delicious describes the food preparations and life there too. They trained a very talented local chef, add the organically grown food on the farm, plus a little imported, they scored again with meals that earned professional acclaim. This led to expanding the main lodge large dining and bar seating with grand views of the sea and islands that challenge your peripheral vision.

Local staffing makes farming and running Palmlea easy and very economical in Fiji, especially when you provide a manager’s apartment and a staff house fully equipped with kitchen, bath and shower as part of their employment package. This also ensures they will be to work on time, and anytime actually. Proof of that is the original employees since 2007 are still with Palmlea. As well there is a workshop, a security house and laundry and storage building, all in top condition and functional—and all the tools and machines come with.

A small fortune in tools large and small, generators and equipment, a 22 foot boat, engines and decks and docks and a list so long that upon request you can see the rest—and then there are 65 goats at this writing.

Yes, Palmlea is a farm too, practically self-manifested as well, complete with a goat herder. There are generally over 50 Boer goats on the farm, all fenced with the latest in electric. The Boer goat is the largest meat goat in the world and they sell locally for up to $1000 each. They certainly add value given they somehow multiply on their own and grow in worth each season. They are a little bit on the adorable side, so better not name them and don’t get attached, not if you want that $1000 bucks.

Of course, farm means chickens and range fed means healthy and cheap meat and eggs too. This Palmlea expose could go on for pages, particularly if we get into those amazing surfing and fishing stories.

We are not alone in our assessment of Palmlea. You can check with CNN Travel section where Palmlea was featured with “5 worldwide resorts with a splurge” with accolades galore from Trip Advisor; Lonely Planet; Moon Fiji; Rough Guide; Rob Kays Fiji Guide; 7-Seas Cruising Association and the Island Cruisers Association.

All this adds up to quite a statement for Palmlea with credit due to both the rural strategic location (surfing and fishing only 18 minutes from the airport) and the retiring owners, now 80 plus who had a vision of how to live well and shared that with those who reciprocated with kind payment.

For more information on this offer, just ask Robert.

$1 247 000USD

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