Lokolahi Island

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Vava'u, Tonga

$59800 for an entire island?

This is the last of cheap land in this part of the world. The 4-acre private island is available on a long term lease (all land is leased here, 70 - years) and is part of the reef protected and most beautiful Vava'u Island Group in the Kingdom of Tonga. Tonga, known as the friendly islands of the South Pacific, is located between Fiji and French Polynesia. In this tropical island collection in paradise you can escape the perils and woes of the Northern Hemisphere. Having a safe haven in these times is suddenly very popular. Life is kind and good out here, insulated from the chaotic world with no malaria, no terrorists, no deadly reptiles, animals or bugs to worry about. Loko Lahi Island is uninhabited, but ready for building. The island enjoys the light trade winds and sits on a beautiful crystal clear lagoon on one side, with the bay on the other. It has a water well and is close to electric power. The island has many different kinds of trees and is ready for someone to build a proper home, RESORT or just go native with a local made, but grand thatched roof dwelling. A three-bedroom home of block and timber only costs about $35,000. Labor is very cheap here as is the cost of living. You can live well here on less than $1000 per month.

The island is unique because it is conveniently close to the mainland and at low tide you can actually walk or 4 wheel drive to the main road that goes to the main town. The main town of Neiafu is just a few kilometers away. You get two low tides per day or you must use the boat in between. You will find most everything in town, food, clothes and there is even hardware up the road. Fishing galore, snorkeling over the reef with Mangroves on one side and the sea on the other.

PICTURES: From the air pic, the island is just showing a portion on the extreme right and middle. Other pics show island from North, from East and one shows the view from the northern point. The map is of the whole group. The main town is (1)on the map. The island is not clear on this map but is about 4 miles south of (1) near the mainland.

If you wish to make a business and build an accommodation facility, the annual fee (like tax) goes from approx $100 for residential to $300 per year for commercial. 4 acre island. Reef on north side, with the sea on the east side. A fresh water well, adequate for shower and laundry. Coconut palms abundant. Mangroves on one side. Fish sanctuary, crabs. Breadfruit trees. Part time island. When the tide is out you can walk in or drive and when tide is in, you use the small boat. Close to the mainland, and main town and shopping plazas. Level building plots. Robinson Caruso island but in minutes you can be in town. You can dig out a channel make a small boat harbor for your fleet..

FEEL FREE TO COMMUNICATE WITH US ABOUT THIS PROPERTY AND LIFE HERE IN THE GRAND SOUTH PACIFIC. Email: tongaproperty@yahoo.com or rb@southpacificrealestate.to

$59 800USD

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