Nuku Fiji Resort for sale

Gau Island, Fiji
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USD $650,000.00 (quarter shareholding and comes with additional waterfront land)

The Experience and the 0ffer:

Nuku Fiji Resort is not just an eco friendly adventure lodge attractive to nature lovers; it is an experience to remember right out of the movies. From the 20 minute ride to Gau Island over sea and islands on board the twin engine flying beast, to entering the hidden haven most unconventionally by the resort’s motor launch, your first impression is; just getting here is an adventure and then; “This is paradise au natural” the genuine thing; a two step slide into the ancient and unfettered past, yet with every convenience and comfort within your natural bure.

Nuku Fiji Resort has mastered how to live in primitive luxury on this unspoiled island beach resort in the rainforest jungle where the only sounds are the breaking waves and the calls of the colorful wild parrots.

“This is a most remarkable place on the planet” and for many more reasons, as we often hear. Imagine walking barefoot from your second home (for the duration) out on the beach with the goldenness sand ever to get between your toes and into the warm water that cools gently as you stroll in deeper. There is a “Blue Lagoon” just a little further out where the timid learn to become brave and safely swim with the benign Manta Rays that love to frolic with guests.

Nuku Fiji Resort is protected from the ocean’s moods by a huge barrier reef that takes the temper out of each wave as it crashes, sometimes with a stunningly resonating thunder, just to remind you that, safe as you are at Nuku, you are just out of reach of nature’s power, yet in full view of all of its beauty. There is no surround sound or Imax that could ever duplicate this living experience.

This intro to Nuku Fiji Resort could go on for pages and never be able to fully express the entire experience. There are native villages to visit where you will be treated like you came from Heaven. The diving, the caves, the fishing, deep water and in the lagoon is world class and of course, everyone’s pastime between adventures out is snorkelling. Something new and with more eyes every trip. 1000 meters of beach about all to yourself, these are the things that make Nuku Fiji Resort unforgettable with guests taking home a new sense of being and awareness of what most could never imagine.

So why would anyone want to sell their interest in Nuku Fiji Resort? Well, only one out of four does and he and his family have their reasons unrelated to the business. The price for this position is less than what most decent houses cost in our homelands and as a significant owner, you might call this your second home, and use it as such with paying customers coming first, of course.

The offer to participate can be a passive investment or hands on, up to you. Absolutely for sure, better than money in today’s banks, your investment is in a rare treasure in this South Seas, fully self sustainable haven far from the threats of the mad world above.

For more information on the offer and the “fact sheet” assets and financials; as well the separate waterfront building lot that comes with, please contact Robert.

$650 000USD

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