Restaurant For Sale in Nukualofa, Tonga

Nuku'Alofa, Tonga
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A Casablanca Experience...Price: REDUCED to: $255,000 USD (Note: $750,000 USD invested with $250,000 just in the kitchen)

The lofty roof top, elevator accessed, 100 seat “TOP” Restaurant is a scene out of the movie. The number one restaurant in The Kingdom of Tonga; as rated by Trip Advisor and about every government official patron in Tonga too. A proven investment opportunity with high monthly yields, regardless of the Covid factor—and—there is NO Covid in Tonga.

The business model was designed for the Humphrey Bogart owner role of serving the regularly dependable, exclusive clientele that reside in the capitol of the Kingdom of Tonga. That would include the King and the Royal Family along with all the Ministries and NGOs, Embassies, police brass, expats and even a few tourists; when the tourists discover the TOP.

If you don't want any notoriety, friends in high places or to become famous in this bustling South Seas Island country, just stay out of the bar and dining room.

Everyone has to eat and to enjoy the best, The "TOP" is this following’s first choice. Businesses built upon sound logic and high quality are impervious to whatever comes knocking. The TOP is the invulnerable lighthouse in a storm.

Three quarters of one million U.S. dollars was invested in this first-class establishment with the design services of a magazine published designer. It took 3 years to build this extravagant masterpiece that regularly seats 100 very satisfied customers. What makes the TOP the winner is not just the look or the view, equally it is the cuisine—the food and the recipes, which are part of the magic and very protected, but do come with.

The TOP Restaurant is for sale and for less than what it would cost you to duplicate, if you could. Located on a rooftop in the heart of downtown Nukualofa, the restaurant is aptly named for its spectacular tree top panorama with views to the ocean and outer islands.

Along with the best view in Tonga, the TOP is fully licensed to serve beer, wine, and exotic cocktails from the bar. The TOP bar is the local gathering place for diplomats, government officials and the movers and shakers that make good acquaintance. Play it again Sam!

You will have the adventure of a lifetime winning the hearts and minds of these discerning diners and while living in paradise. Whoever purchases the TOP is getting a turnkey business with all the absolute best equipment, inventory and trained staff already in full swing requiring minimal management.

Unfortunately, serious personal reasons force this sale, which is why the owners are placing the #1 restaurant on the market…a profitable restaurant that they built with a 750,000 USD investment. Their loss is your gain. Go for it!

“We have done all the hard work on this labor of love; now you can just take it over.” The owners lament.

Price: * $255,000USD * price of controlling interest, same control as full ownership with balance of shares non-voting serving as financing with no need to payback. Contact us for the strategy for patrons to have minor, token ownership for marketing and business purposes.

$255 000USD

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