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Savusavu, Fiji

When I was buying Mike and Cheryl’s house, they invited me over for lunch and another tour of this 3-bed room, 2 bath home high on the hill overlooking the South Pacific Ocean. I expected to hear right off all about the house. Instead, Mike first got into the food that grows on the property, and while hearing about that, Cheryl was serving it up, all from their one acre mini-farm. “Five kinds of coconut trees, guava, mango, sour sop, rambuton, corn, banana, avocado, pineapple, cassava,” and the list went on and on, right into what was in the garden, which has that and much more. Unfortunately, since I owned it, I have not lived in it, been stuck in the USA in one kind of lockdown or another, so the garden is a bit wild now and the house is for sale again, but remodelled.

“Much of it grows wild here.” Mike said; referring to the food find. And to prove how abundant, he told me about when he hired the crew to build a bridge over their spring fed stream on the property. When he showed up during lunch, the workers had all kinds of food cooking in their camp by the stream. They had a three course dinner going from food they found walking around just 15 feet from their bridge in progress. Mike was making the point that about 80% of their food is right from their own one acre. I got that no one ever starves in Fiji that can walk 15 feet from the cooking fire. This is important to know too, for it is hungry people in other parts of the world that can cause you to want to move to the safe haven of Fiji. ☺

About the house: Cement block is the most important feature to mention because in these islands of often wild winds and wood eating bugs, reinforced cement block is impervious and everlasting. The home was built to endure and last. Electric power and mains water makes life easier on the hill.

The pictures show the spacious and open living area with the bar separation to the kitchen area. Plenty of space to keep two cooks happy. Most of the dining and sitting around is on the veranda out here, but you have equally appealing lounging choices inside this home. The bedroom wing starts out down the hall with the main bathroom and combo laundry room where one can be in the toilet while another can be in the shower and someone can be washing up in the sink while doing the laundry. This Fiji style separation of the facilities, each with its own private door, makes for a very efficient, no waiting to get the job done, whatever it is.

The bedrooms are left and right down the hallway with a bedroom and en suite bathroom overlooking the back yard. The other two bedrooms have views to the sea and with the trade breezes strong enough to befuddle your white linen curtains.

The living room’s heavy wood panelling; the high open ceiling and the custom window that frames the ocean view are part of the ambiance. Then there is the miniature waterfall pool “pond” as they call it; perfect to cool off after a day of playing in the garden.

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NOTE: price reduced from $200,000 USD

$165 000USD

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