Vavau, Tonga
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NOW AVAILABLE: 4 lots on the waterfront. These 4 are the last of waterfront lots for this entire development, which has over 40 lots sold. This is the perfect place in paradise to build a getaway/retirement home. Read on for some of the reasons why.

Check out the Royal view! Lafi Moetala Development lots are on the Royal Estate of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Tonga. These lots are securely set a few meters above the inter-island sea that lies within this reef protected island group of Vava’u. Spectacular views of this beautiful island group are right before you. On these sites the sea breezes are the best air conditioning anyone could ask for. The air is cleaner here than anywhere on earth. The sea below is crystalline with hues of blues and the islands are emerald jewels sitting there for your visual pleasure and a constant reminder of your dream come true.

The day will come when you will be so glad you took this position of encompassing beauty for your own. And, you are not alone. The property and views are what you would expect to pay many thousands for anywhere else in the world, but the price is still at the undiscovered and local rate of early times. Land offers are being limited by the government in an effort to preserve the natural beauty of this island group, but one day prices here will be out of this world too.

This is the last frontier and probably the last chance to afford a place in paradise. The investment in your future is more than just land, lifestyle and peace of mind abound. The Lafi Moetala development (which in the local language means; looking out for you with a helping hand) is the location of the original lookout from ancient times. Out your window and from your veranda you are looking over the island group of this exclusive to Vavau island array within nature's immense natural protective reef system. Safe here in layers of protection from anything nature or the world in disorder might throw at us—we are secure in Lafi Moetala.

It is just a short walk through nature trails to the top of the small mountain, the highest in Vava'u where you will find panoramic views of the entire island group. Below are living reefs to explore, small beaches and the cleanest, purest waters one could swim or boat in. The nearest village is less than two kilometers away with friendly natives willing to offer their able services for a fraction of the cost back home. The main town is 12 kilometers away, just far enough to be accessible but not be heard or seen. Nothing could be more simple and in the uncomplicated and inviting Tongan way.

The full price and all the costs for waterfront lots are just $29,850 USD. The lots above the waterfront are only $19,500. Land can’t be actually sold in Tonga, consequently the off is for 99 years, the maximum term allowed in Tonga.

The lots overlook the sea and lagoon as indicated in the pictures. Each lot is "30-Poles", local measurement equivalent to about 1/5 acre. They are located on the main island of Vava'u and accessible by land or sea. From the lots to the main town of Neiafu it is just 8 miles with 7.5 of it nicely paved.

The pictures can't tell all for the camera is not as encompassing as the two eyed view.

THE PROPERTY is located on the rural and peaceful, southwestern side of the main island of Vava'u. The lots overlook the island group, nestled below Mount Mo'ungaloafa and nearby Ano Lagoon, a natural freshwater lake. The South Pacific trade winds provide a constant gentle breeze. These same winds bring in cruising yachts from around the world that pass by on their way to the main harbour. Build-to-suit yourself with little restriction.

Of course, for those who didn't know that Vava'u is the breeding ground for the Humpback Whales, they swim right by your veranda at Lafi Moetala ever year, and later in the year, the babies trail behind their mothers and you can swim with them in Vava'u, an incredible experience and like all things in Vava'u, the whales are docile and harmless.

We offer an INTERESTING OPTION for those who don't plan on living here full-time; we will rent your home to tourists and expats while you are away. Worthy of mention, you can sell your rights at any time, another profitable objective. Values will only go up as this hideaway from the other world is becoming ever more popular. Especially in this time of the Corona virus upsetting most of the world, but NOT here. This offer allows you to acquire your peace of Heaven now and build later; when you have sorted page two of your life. With a lot secured, you have your goals set.

THE VAVA'U ISLAND GROUP is the crown jewel of the safe, stable and benevolent Kingdom of Tonga. The Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy, modelled after England and uses English law as its base with English high court judges.

Located in the grand South Pacific, Tonga is between Tahiti and Fiji. Tonga is a magnificently beautiful country and Vava'u is a large, reef protected,(no big waves can enter) water playground of about 60 beautiful islands, each with its own interesting character, white sand beaches and all. Here is where you will experience "real" freedom, virtually no crime and true peace of mind.
We don't have traffic lights and even the Police have no guns. Tourist come to experience nature in Vava'u for this is perhaps the last place on earth to which you can readily fly that is still unspoiled by runaway commercialism. Life is as good as it gets in this land of emerald islands, crystal clear lagoons, azure seas and friendly people.

What makes Vava'u unique in all of the island groups of the world is the naturally protected island and reef system. The overlapping islands and surrounding reefs create a huge, island-filled sea within a sea that is more like a lake, creating what amounts to a huge natural theme park and brought to us by NATURE, the best in the business.

In most any weather you can travel in the normally calm inter-island waterways. Vava'u offers endless exploration of its treasures and ancient friendly villages. Vava'u is emerging as the exotic discovery destination for world travellers interested in experiencing the pre-commercial wonders of nature. Sea Turtles thrive here and can be seen in the crystal clear waters of the lagoons. One can enjoy exploring these islands without fear of snakes or any kind of deadly creatures, for there are none. Vava'u was blessed with only nature's benign.

You and your guests/friends will be busy for years exploring the many islands in the vicinity. On the island you will enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of what only island life can offer. But, isolated you are not.

AIR and FERRY TRANSPORTATION provide all the connections from all anywhere in the world—normally. The islands are equipped with low-cost cell phone "wireless" service for general communications and Internet access from home.

THE TERMS IN BRIEF: In paradise, land cannot be purchased, but by agreement only with all the rights of ownership, including reselling of your property rights. Living in Lafi Moetala you will be revered for this small participation in the community. The prices are low to encourage you to come to Vavu'a to reside and build your home.

$29 850USD

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