Real Estate Agent BENEFITS:


Fiji Real Estate Agents…
Get into the Spotlight!

Advertising pays, only IF your listing gets in front of your customer.

Customers using the Internet look on page one and two for their search results. If your ad is not there, you wasted your time and money.

This website is a page one and two search result for everyone on earth searching for property in Fiji—try it.

Here is how get your properties sold to people searching for them via the Internet:


AFFORDABLE ONE-TIME FEE: You pay only the listing fee. Post your own information and images, or send it to us and our tech team will load it for you.
The cost is just $50 USD for each ad placed and good for 3 months of premium exposure. There is no advertising media more powerful for Fiji realtors on the World Wide Web at this price. If you sell your advertised property in less than 3 months, you can replace that ad with any other property, no extra charge.

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Too good to be true? Check it out!
Google “property for sale in Fiji” or “homes for sale in Fiji” or “land for sale in Fiji.” See what you get? Is on page one or two search results? If so, you can be there too, just as soon as you advertise your listings with as few or as many as you wish. The more listings advertised, the more enquiries you will receive.

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How It Works

Step One

Contact us with your listings details, (description and images).

Description: Writing a complete, personal, welcoming description makes your listing more appealing and engaging. It increases your chances of receiving serious enquiry.

Images: To ensure that your full width images look good across any device big or small the recommended size is 2400x1600px.

Step Two

Indicate the quickest way to contact you from the available options you provide - be it a mobile phone number or email.

Step Three

We will set up your listing for your approval.

Step Four