Lots Vava'u Hunga Island

Hunga Island, Tonga
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Two building lots offered (#38 and #39) on the trade winds side of Vava’u-Hunga Island, Tonga.

ONLY $5,970 USD each plus the annual payment of just $420 USD.

These two lots are located on the cool trade winds side of the island facing the islands within the uniquely wave protected inter-island waterways.

The lots are 758 square meters of home building area (plus 375 sq. mtrs of water frontage) are located on the more gently sloping to the sea side of the island. The lots are about 40 feet high up from the inter-island waterway. You can access the water for that morning sunrise swim in these protected waters.

The lots are positioned for spectacular sunrises and sky filling reflecting sunsets with access to the sea right from your lot just above.

Wherever you are in the islands you have put up with the marvellously distracting sunrises and sunsets, for the sky is a huge amplifier of these daily activities. Few can sit in front of a TV when these spectacular events occur; frequent as they are one never tires of the perpetual ambiance of islands, sea, breezes and the sun’s daily light show performances in the South Pacific sky.

This stunning property is made available to the public by the Noble Estate Holder in Vava’u, the ex-Governor of Vava’u, for the maximum term allowed in Tonga of 99-years as defined by Tongan law. Start eating your fresh greens for that is a long, long time before renewal.

Home construction is liberal and permits readily available for most kinds of construction. You can build your own home or hire it with the contractor of your choice. You may rent your home or live in it.

Wireless phone and high speed Internet are available.

Vava’u is famous worldwide among whale watchers for the Humpback Whales make Vava’u their home and here they bear their young from May through November every year. You can swim with the whales in Vava’u because they are as gentle here as our “Friendly Island” native Tongans. (You can swim, and fish, with them too). If you are not into swimming with the Humpbacks, you can enjoy their parade all season from your veranda where they swim by this side of the island on their way to their resting locations. Some seem to wave at you, called “spy hopping.”

Neiafu is the nearest real town with everything to include a large open fruit and veggie market, shops, restaurants, building suppliers, hotels, hospital, clinics and a marina where cruising yachts from around the world visit every year. The lots are less than 2 miles from the mainland, but 12 miles to Neiafu, wharf to wharf, a 25 minute ride in a fast boat. Worthy of mention, lot owners have a free mooring space for their boats in the lagoon near the wharf of Vava’u-Hunga.

Paperwork for the transfer can be handled via email.

Any questions, just ask Robert.

$5 970USD

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