Residential Lots in Vavau, Tonga

Vava'u, Tonga
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Only one palm tree lot offered here just outside the town of Neiafu.
The view is a beauty. Just over the paved road is the lagoon and just past that is the great Vava'u Island Group in the inter-island sea.

3km out of town puts you in the rural area but not alone for this small development of expats is most popular. Water, power and phone/Internet are all right to the property. About 1/5 acre there on the more elevated side of the development renders the best view and privacy.

This is the perfect place to build a spec home or home to rent to the new flow of arrivals who are fleeing their homelands like they were a sinking ship. Lifeboat comes to mind when I think of the situation. Your own lifeboat in the form of a piece of paradise where you can live free and secure and where a home is actually affordable. So, take what you have left and make your old home 'a place for coming from, with dreams of going to, which with any luck never will come true.'

The price is right at $3,980 USD each plus the monthly of $88.

Visa's for retirement in Tonga are a given. Just show assured income of $5500 USD per YEAR and that's all the financial required. Just try that in Fiji.

... more on request. Robert

$3 980USD

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