Waidroka Property, Fiji

Waidroka, Fiji
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1. Overview

Waidroka (fresh water in the i Taukei dialect) consists of over 300 acres of sub-divided freehold land lots of over an acre each developed by the Maui Bay Limited. Access road from the Queens Highway into the property is maintained by the said company where lot owners pay annual road levy. It is scenic, private and secluded. The majority of homeowners are from the international community i.e., USA, Australia and New Zealand to name a few. Much of the land area is heavily forested where homesteads blend in and are unobtrusive.

2. The Property

The property (Lot 75A) as set out on the Certificate of Title amounts to 6592 square meters. The property has been surveyed and boundary markers put in. Access road into the property has been cut inclusive of the house pad which can support a two-storey homestead and decking. The property is about 3km away from the main highway linking Suva to Nadi.

3. Terrain

The property sits atop a ridge or hilltop and affords scenic sea view. The land slopes and flattens out. Much of the forested land remains intact with a little creek running across the property some distance from the said house pad.

4. Utilities

An electricity pole is located on the property next to the public accessway. Home owners invest in water tanks, septic tank, inclusive of household waste disposal systems. And alternatively, solar power.

5. Connectivity

The locality hosts the Waidroka Bay Resort where residents enjoy both eatery and bar, which also caters to surfing. Homeowners that are inclined to boating and fishing have access to a ramp and berthing. The homestead is 10 minutes’ drive to a favourite picnic beachfront spot opposite Wainiyabia village along the main highway back to Suva. It is about 20 minutes’ drive to Pacific Harbour which hosts a supermarket, eatery, a Police post and a Gas station. Navua township, a market, bus station, Hotels, beachfront for public access and the Navua Hospital is roughly a 30 minutes’ drive. The Suva CBD is about 1 hour 20 minutes away. Cell phones and Internet connectivity is boosted by the fact that a Cell Tower staging facility is located along the main accessway into the homestead.

6. Quality of Life

Development of homesteads are unobtrusive where the natural environment is preserved. Privacy, seclusion, quietness, Air quality and a hilltop terrain facilitate quality of life.

7. Investment and resale potential

The rapid growth of the Suva CBD is evident in the urban to rural spread i.e., from Suva to Pacific Harbour. Navua township towards Waidroka. The said rise in periphery developments is leading to a Waidroka address as a lucrative one as a resident or for the re sale of a property.

8. Why invest in a Waidroka address

The pick is connectivity to the modern world, quality of life/wellness and property re-sale value. The Suva CBD, Pacific Harbour to the greater Navua township prior to Waidroka all reflect connectivity to the modern world which will continue to evolve at the cost of quality of life and wellness. A Waidroka address facilitates the enjoyment of both worlds. This is the key attraction. To top it off capital investments are recoverable vide a handsome margin through the property market both local and international.

$140 000USD

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