Katafanga Island, Fiji
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A timeless and rare opportunity to own one of the last freehold islands in the South Pacific paradise of Fiji.

Katafanga Island, also known as the Blue Lagoon, is strategically encircled by a natural 5,000 acre turquoise blue lagoon, and breathtaking sugar white beaches.


Katafanga Island, is a sprawling 225 acre island, located in the exclusive Lau Group. Katafanga is fringed with sugar white sand beaches laced by swaying coconut palm trees and natural tropical habitat. The Island, also known as the Blue Lagoon, is strategically encircled by a natural coral reef, thus creating a 5,000 acre magical blue lagoon, which is bioluminescent. The dolphins and sea turtles come into the crystal clear blue lagoon to have their offspring. Colorful tropical fish, coral, and the almost extinct turquoise colored clams call this home. The lagoon is so clear that one can farm rare black pearl oysters - only a few places in the world have this quality of water.

The entrance to the lagoon is 35 feet deep and magically has a natural opening of 200 feet wide, thus allowing for luxury yachts over 200 feet to enter and dock, and have the serene protection of the lagoon. Katafanga is 1 mile long by 1/3 mile wide with 150 foot elevations.

The villa development was strategically placed on the western side to take advantage of the magnificent South Pacific sunsets. As a 19th century coconut plantation, the island is covered with coconut palms creating the ultimate tropical ambiance. The island's limestone has created several caves and tide pools that are perfect for exploring. The nine caves on the island are truly amazing with large caverns and corridors of stalagmites and stalactites ideal for exploration and spelunking. The deepest explored part of the caves are 400 feet below the surface.

Katafanga Island is a freehold titled property, truly scarce in Fiji thus ensuring its long term investment potential. Freehold land accounts for approximately 7% of all land in Fiji, however many freehold islands have a village located on them. There are only a handful of freehold islands in the country that don't have villages on them and represent a true "private island" experience.

$17 000 000USD

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